Hello everybody (o・∀・) I'm Elena, a high school girl from Milan, Italy. My main interest and biggest love is Japan in many topics: visual kei & Jrock, anime & manga, videogames, gyaru fashion, modern literature & cinema, cute stuff, metropolitan & natural sceneries and cuisine. I don't talk too much on Tumblr, but if you want, feel free to talk to me (´・ω・。) I'll surely reply. Bye bye!


☆ Favourite bands: Plastic Tree, R-shitei, MERRY ☆

☆ Favourite animanga: Nana, Mirai Nikki, Dengeki Daisy ☆

☆ Favourite videogames: Persona 3, Catherine, Silent Hill 2, Persona 4 ☆

☆ Favourite gyaru brands: d.i.a., Cecil Mcbee☆